Overcoming of client's mistrust
Friday, 10 December 2010 17:06


In the course of work we were repeatedly encountered with client's mistrust to efficiency of our "GeoNMR" method for search and survey of mineral deposits. Really, it is  very difficult to imagine that a some technology can exist and work with effectiveness close to 100 % in field of oil search and prospecting( gas search, gold search etc).

For an example, we will imagine a following situation. A client comes to us with the offer to survey territory for search and survey of oil and gas fields. But the client has doubts, and he is not ready to start of the project. What can we propose on this stage for elimination of client's doubts? In such situation we propose to fulfil free demonstration of performance of a method within the limits of the signed contract. How can we show performance of the method? Usually we propose the following schema: the client chooses any opened deposit of hydrocarbons in a territory easily accessible to expedition. Further he points those boreholes which we should test and says to us type of minerals, which we need testing (as a rule, oil, gas and water). 

We fulfil our work and give a report, in which we say about presence of each of the tested minerals, depths of bedding, thickness and quantity of horizons. The customer compares our data with results of boring  and thus affirms for itself efficiency of our method. Now in more details about the contract. We include in the contract the paragraph in which one speak about the beginning of financing of our works in case of successful testing of performance of our method. We ask to expose Letter of Credit for the sum of an advance payment of the first stage of the contract which will be opened in case of successful conducting of testing.

Paid demonstration can be executed in the case if a client has not prepared territory to start of a project on “GeoNMR” method, but wishes to work with us in the future and asks confirmation of work of the "GeoNMR" method. In this case we sign the contract on study of a borehole and investigate it in the way which described above. This works conducted with low cost. The payment's schema in this case is an advance payment prior to the beginning of the works.